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she was my type of taste that suits me so well. i always walk all the way to the national stadium just to see her. i dreamt about her every day. her cool appearance, long hair and dreamy eyes. best in visual during sports in the national stadium. time to man up. as i approach her, with a smile, saying the magic word, "hi". feeling kinda creepy, totally not a time for my ultimate pick up lines. so i introduced myself and i said, "wanna hang?". she was kind, which adds one more attribute to my checklist. i knew that she's a tourist from our conversation. i felt so blind, not knowing that she's actually a russian spending her gap year in malaysia. of course she said yes to my "wanna hang?". i decided to plan out something like a two days trip for her. with my skill in social, i think i got this date out for sure. but
"you never know"
she's a riddler and rhymer. a complicated mastermind. to be exact. she gave me a riddle to guess which …