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This is not the end.

This happened yesterday but I procrastinate too much so I ended up not writing about it. Sad to know, heartbroken to know that Zheng Ting and Ru en, my newly made friends from XiaMen University decided to leave for matriculation. Both of them fill joy into my life. Zheng Ting, I'm grateful to have you as my friend and classmate, even though we can't be classmate till the end of our university life. I appreciate every moment with you, your funny jokes which bring humor to the class. Your friendliness have helped me to be more social active in my university life. Do come back next year as you promised to do so. Hope to see you next year. Thank you for everything .
As for Ru En, it's my honor to be your friend and classmate throughout this two months of university life together. I'll remember you as nv shen who always call me nan shen haha. I will voice message you of my singing when I'm free I can assure you that. Good luck in Matriculation Kelantan. Oh yeah, happy be…

Hope I don't stop.

This is my first blog and blogpost. Hope I really don't stop. Hope my laziness doesn't creep on me. Always been wanted to start a blog. Always been wanted to practice my English writing. Being currently studying in Xiamen University Malaysia, I think I will be soon dead if I don't practice my English writing well enough. Life is hard when you knew you can't be dependent on your parents anymore. Tired of acting independent when I'm not. So, I think I'll just rant here. Everything will be better, I told myself everytime.
One more thing about my university life is that I just don't have a roommate. I have the tendency to be alone. Alone but not lonely though. I heard that there's 500 students from China enrolling in September. I really hope I'm not getting a roommate, at least not from China. No offense though, it's my problem that I don't like it.
Currently now in Ipoh, damn it's feel so good to be back. Miss my bathroom aka studio so muc…