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they are both libra.
they live next to each other. with an occasion wave throughout the day.
hi-bye friend to be exact.
one loves the outdoor. it was his paris
one loves the indoor. it was her paris
time goes by and with every occasion wave
gained an occasion smile
and with every occasion smile
gained an undisclosed affection
she admired him
he adored her
but yet
they all waited for an approach
posting emotional status with hidden messages
as much as they both hate to be alone
they are both waiting for a reality that isn't genuine
a paris-like love story
just like the libra sign
they never tilt for each other
just two lonely people staying together.

"this does not apply to group assignment"



What is Light?

Light is Happiness.

When we enjoy ourselves, partying. Those shiny and flash light. Gives excitement and enjoyment.

Light is Idea.

When we work together for a solution. Every shine within our mind bulb, gives out limitless idea.

Light is Direction.

When one of us falls into the dark side. We are always there, pulling you back to the light.

Light is Love.

Where every tiny sparkles within our heart ignites the beginning of a love story.

Light is Unity.

It bring us together. Celebrations. Festivals. Light is what makes the Malaysia, Malaysia

"So powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole Earth"

-  Bahaullah
"Led Fiesta"



a first time walking back home from university on a late cold night. missed the last bus because of debriefing after a late event. i was the last to leave. and alone. holding a emoji-like cardboard box. sleepyhead in mind. i walk back home on a misty ghostly night. distance was okay. a straight line road and a small hill to climb. the road was unusually quiet. such a weird "surprise". playing my phone and replying chats with different types of emoji as i walk. yet i kept a emotionless expression. there was a man standing under the only lamppost ahead. back facing towards me. i walk past the man. he stopped me. and said, "young man, is the box smiling or no?". i said, "it's a grimace emoji.". i can't see his face despite standing under the lamppost. but i didn't bother further. then he said, "so is it smiling?". i looked down at my phone. the grimace emoji is smiling. so i said, "yes?". then he said while smiling. "yes…


he's in love with your light. blinded by the light and hurt by your light. he gained false hope by the shining light. went for the bulb. and suicide. she think she has nothing to do with her light. unintended. and never meant to attract with her light. she never knew.  there was a switch to close the light. to stop the false hope. to prevent a broken heart. to stop unintended love story. "or you never wanted it to end, nor start?" maybe she didn't love the start nor the end, only the middle. maybe he love her everything, but in vain. maybe  when tried turns tired he will close the switch himself. and live again.
"to stop giving false hopes and prolong rejection"

By J


initiate. finished. the cheat and the cheated. the play and the played. the game and the gamers. a life cycle. where every second needs impromptu actions. not prepared and ready. a blur journey. how many times we are dead. inside. outside. sanguine and play again. defeatist and play again. if life is a game. a pre-programmed game. a looping game until a certain condition. everything we see. like a visual basic. 
IF something has happened. THEN what to do. ELSE alternatives.  LOOP until death. 
"to players with impromptu actions in an pre-programmed game."
"life is not all about sunshine and rainbows" "what/when to give in and what/when to give out" "not a programmer"
amd we are Fiercely Independent .
Xoxo J.

you are well. with that flame still igniting within. by passion and dreams. the author of my happiness. sadness. with amazing plot twist and climax. and numerous possibilities. few pages were left blank. while we stopped and questioned our journey. others writing on other's book. writing sadness with a happy face. no tears were shown. but a soaking book. protect your story. you write your own story. where wildest dreams and endings are written. with no finite. dreams are big. maybe impossible. it gives something for you to chase. with an aim. and making impossible possible. without a dream. could we be ever possible? not all of us have the talent card. nevertheless. i'm still possible.

maybe. just maybe


if you dare. to dream
"with actions and reams of paper"
"through writing your own story"

and I Wrote This For You



we are the walking tree. growing stronger. with hidden roots as base. the ability to grow on both sides. but only one side is to be seen. every one of us strife to reach the sun. high and high. we bear the risk of falling harder and harder. roots are the tree's protector. to support. to prevent us from falling. every time. life hits and hits. stronger and stronger blow. roots started to crack the ground. giving its everything until it got nothing left. but life hits just too hard. roots are exposed. and bare roots collapsed the tree. parts of yourself shall not be seen. anger. greed. immorality. we are always both the good guys and the bad guys. did we choose to hide our bad guys within? burst your roots. and you will collapse your journey reaching the sun. but these hidden parts of yourself helps you grow. to see the true sight at front. to prevent yourself from losing in the dark. it's okay to hide some part of yourself to the world. it's okay to keep secret. even if u …